Omnis Studio Database Connectivity

The following tables list the database connections available with Omnis Studio. Where a DAM is listed as being supported, please refer to the appropriate clientware configuration/certification matrix for further information on the third-party clientware required.

Where a DAM is not supported on a given platform, this is usually because the appropriate clientware is not available or is unstable or incompatible with our existing code base, preventing the code from being ported at the current time.

Multi-threaded (V3) Object DAMs
DAM Name Connects to... Additional third-party software required Platform availability Worker
Win32/64 MacOSX Linux64
DAMOMSQL Omnis native datafile
(.df1, .df2, etc)*
DAMSQLITE SQLite3 datafile (.db)
None (Omnis Studio 5.2 or later)
DAMODBC ODBC datasource Suitable ODBC Administrator
& Unicode ODBC driver
(API v2.0 or higher)
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.1 or higher & *JDBC Driver
DAMORA8 Oracle 8i (or later)
Oracle Client 9i release 2 (or higher)
DAMSYBSE Sybase ASA9...12
Sybase ASE11...15*
SDK for SAP ASE 12.5 or higher (formerly Sybase Open Client) (login required)
DAMDB2 IBM-DB2 v5 (or later)
DB2 Runtime Client 7.2 (or higher)
DAMMYSQL MySQL 4.1 (or later)
DAMPGSQL PostgreSQL 8.1 (or later) PostgreSQL API library ""
FRONTBASE FrontBase 4.x (or later) None (DAM available from
DAMAZON Amazon SimpleDB None (Amazon Web Services account required. Studio 5.1 or later)


  • DAMOMSQL connects using the V3 DAM API but is single-threaded only.
  • Type 4 JDBC drivers are embedded and require no additional software. Lower version drivers may required additional clientware.
  • Open Client 15.0 is required to connect to ASE 15.0
  • DAMPGSQL is not compatible with Omnis Studio 4.1 and earlier.
  • Please note that single-threaded (V2) DAMs are not available in the unicode version of Omnis Studio.
  • Worker support indicates support for SQL worker/multi-tasking objects, new in Studio 6.0.
Other Products Connects to... Additional third-party software required Platform availability
Win32/64 MacOSX Linux
Omnis read-only ODBC driver (single-threaded)* Omnis native datafile
(.df1, .df2, etc)
ODBC compliant application.
ODBC Driver Manager
Omnis (Datafile) Data Bridge Omnis native datafile
(.df1, .df2, etc)
Omnis ODBC Data Bridge ODBC Driver Manager
ODBC Driver (32-bit)


  • Available separately for Unicode and Non-Unicode datafiles.


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