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Connection to an Omnis datafile is made via the OmnisSQL DAM. We also provide a read-only ODBC driver for use by third-party applications such as Microsoft Query. This is intended to allow developers without a development copy of Omnis to port the contents of a datafile to a proprietary database. The ODBC compliant application can also access data from the datafile on demand if required. OmnisSQL supports a limited subset of the SQL language; see the OmnisSQL API manual for details on the Omnis SQL language definition. Separate ODBC drivers are provided for Unicode and Non-Unicode Omnis datafiles.

Embedded DAMs such as the SQLite and MySQL DAMs require no additional software in order to connect to the database. All necessary client files are built into the DAM. Some DAMs (e.g. DAMAZON) do have dependencies on certain Operating System libraries however- and these must be present in order for the DAM to load. Refer to the Server-Specific section of the Omnis Programming Manual for details.

Other Dynamically loaded DAMs such as Oracle & Sybase require that the appropriate third party clientware is installed on the client machine. The DAM cannot load unless the required client library/libraries can be located and loaded first.

For PostgreSQL, the client library is supplied although may require configuration before use. (Refer to PostgreSQL DAM documentation for details).

The JDBC DAM is designed to be used in conjunction with a JDBC driver. Most JDBC drivers are embedded with all necessary client files and require no additional software. There is an Omnis technote which describes the additional configuration required to make a JDBC connection.

The ODBC DAM is normally used in conjunction with an ODBC driver. The connection is managed by an ODBC driver manager/administrator which also needs to be installed on the client machine. ODBC drivers usually connect directly to the database and require no additional software.
On platforms such as macOS and Linux, where an ODBC driver to a specific database may not be available, it is possible to bridge the connection to a Windows PC using the Omnis ODBC Data Bridge. Please refer to the ODBC Data Bridge section for further details.