; Comment

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Constructs NO NO YES All




This command allows you to add comments to your code. You can type “;” in the method editor to select this command, tab to the text field and enter your comment. You can “comment out” a line of code using the keypress Ctrl-; (semi-coloc), and you can “uncomment” a previously commented line using the keypress Ctrl-‘ (apostrophe): the latter will only work if the comment text is a valid line of code, i.e. if the text is a valid line of code that has been commented out using Ctrl-;.

You can also add in-line comments to any line of code.


; here are some comments
; variable delay set by lDelay
; adjust Until calculation to increase/decrease delay
Calculate lCount as 1
Repeat ;; this is an in-line comment
  Calculate lCount as lCount+1
Until lCount>=lDelay*10