Accept field values

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Exchanging data NO YES NO Windows


Accept field values ([Accept])


Accept If specified, the mode identified by the command is enabled


DDE command, Omnis as server. This command determines whether Omnis is able to receive data from a client via a DDE POKE message. With the Accept option selected, Omnis will respond to a Poke message specifying a valid field or variable name, by setting the value of that field to the value transmitted by the client program. Values are stored in the current record buffer and, if the relevant field is on the top window, that window is redrawn.

Field values are only accepted when Omnis is in enter data mode, Prompted find, or when no methods are running. All conversations are terminated when you close your Omnis library.


Accept advise requests (Accept)
Accept field values (Accept)