Add line to list

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
List lines YES NO NO All


Add line to list {line-number (values) {default is end of list}}


This command adds a new line to the current list using the current field values in the CRB or values you specify in the list of values. Any conversions required between data types are carried out automatically. The flag is cleared if the line cannot be added, either because the maximum number of lines in the list or the memory limits have been exceeded.

You can specify the line number at which the new line is inserted, otherwise the line is added to the end of the list. If the line number you specify in the command line is empty or evaluates to zero, the new line is added to the end of the list.  If too few values are specified, the other columns are left empty; if too many values are specified, the extra values are ignored. When you supply a comma-separated list of values, the values in the CRB are ignored.


; Create a fixed list of string and numeric data
Set current list lMyList
Define list {lName,lAge}
Add line to list {('Fred',10)}
Add line to list {('George',20)}

; Insert the values of the variables lName and lAge to lMyList at line 1
Calculate lName as 'Harry'
Calculate lAge as 22
Add line to list {1 (lName,lAge)}
; If no values are defiened, the current values of the variables
; used in the Define List are added
Add line to list
; Alternatively, you can use the $add() method to add lines to your list
Do lMyList.$define(lName,lAge)
Do lMyList.$add('Fred',10)
Do lMyList.$add('George',20)
; You can also use the $addbefore() and $addafter() methods to add
; lines at a specific position in the list
Do lMyList.$addbefore(1,'Harry',22)