Advise on redraw

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Exchanging data NO YES NO Windows


Advise on redraw ([Accept])


Accept If specified, the mode identified by the command is enabled


DDE command, Omnis as server. This command determines when Omnis is permitted to send requested Advise messages to the client program. When Advise requests have been received from a client, the Set server mode command determines when Omnis is permitted to send field values that have changed. In addition to the Set server mode options, the three commands Advise on Find/next/previousAdvise on OK, and Advise on redraw let you toggle individual options on or off. The Advise on redraw command lets you control this particular option without affecting the other two.


Advise on redraw (Accept) ;; enable advise on redraw
Advise on redraw ;; disable advise on redraw