Begin text block

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Text NO NO YES All


Begin text block ([Keep current contents])


Keep current contents If specified, the command keeps the current contents of the text block rather than setting it to empty


This command defines the start of a block of text to be stored in the text buffer for the current method stack. The Begin text block command clears the text buffer by default, and adds the text in subsequent Text: commands to the text buffer. However, you can keep the current contents of the buffer by checking the Keep current contents option, in which case text is appended to current text in the buffer. You build the text block using the Text: command, which supports leading and trailing spaces and can contain square bracket notation. The End text block command defines the end of the text block, and you can return the contents of the text buffer using the Get text block command.


Begin text block
Text: Thought for the day: (Carriage return)
Text: If a train station is where the train
Text: stops, what is a work station?
End text block
Get text block lTextString
OK message {[lTextString]}