Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Debugger NO NO NO All


Breakpoint {message}


This command places a breakpoint at a command line in a method where you want to stop execution, to check your coding for example. You can include a message with the command which is displayed in the debug window when the break occurs. The command does nothing at runtime.

When Omnis encounters a breakpoint the debugger is opened with the current method loaded and the Breakpoint command line highlighted. You can examine the value of fields and variables by right button/Ctrl-clicking on the field or variable name.

Following a breakpoint you can continue method execution by clicking the Go button or by using Step or Trace mode.

The Breakpoint command is ignored if executed on a thread running on a multi-threaded Omnis Server.


; hit breakpoint when line 5 is processed so we can check the values of lMyList columns
For lMyList.$line from 1 to lMyList.$linecount step 1
  If lMyList.$line=5
    Do lMyList.$loadcols()
    Breakpoint {check lMyList columns}
  End If
End For