Build externals list

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Externals YES YES NO All


Build externals list ([Clear list])


Clear list If specified, the command empties the current list, and defines it to have a single hash variable column, before executing


This command builds a list of the external routines in the external folder. The list is placed in the current list for which you must define the following columns

Col 1 (Character) Col 2 (Character) Col 3 (Number) Col 4 (Character)
File name Routine name Routine index or ID Routine type

The Clear list option clears the current list. The command becomes reversible with this option.


Begin reversible block
  Set current list iExtList
End reversible block
Define list {iExtName,iExtRoutine,iExtRoutineIndex,iExtRoutineType}
Build externals list