Build open window list

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Windows YES YES NO All


Build open window list ([Clear list])


Clear list If specified, the command empties the current list and defines it to have a single hash variable column before executing


This command builds a list containing the name of each window instance, starting with the topmost window instance. The window instance names are stored in the first column of the list. You can also return the position and size coordinates of each window instance in the second to fifth columns. The list is built in the current list for which you must define the following columns:

Col 1 (Character) Col 2 (Long Int) Col 3 (Long Int) Col 4 (Long Int) Col 5 (Long Int)
Window instance name /left window coord /top window coord /right window coord /bottom window coord

If you use the Clear list option, the list will contain one column only defined as #S5, so the window coordinates are not returned. Also, with the Clear list option selected, the command is reversible, that is, the list definition and contents are restored when the method terminates.


; Build a list of open windows
Set current list lWindowList
Do lWindowList.$define(lName,lLeft,lTop,lRight,lBottom)
Build open window list
; Alternatively, notation can be used to build a list
; of open windows
Do $iwindows.$makelist($ref.$name) Returns lWindowList
Do lWindowList.$redefine(lName)