Build window list

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Windows YES YES NO All


Build window list ([Clear list])


Clear list If specified, the command empties the current list and defines it to have a single hash variable column before executing


This command builds a list containing the name of each window class in the current library. The list is built in the current list for which you must define the following columns

Column 1 (Character) Column 2 (Character)
Window class name Description for window (if one has been entered)

You get column 1 only when you use the Clear list option, but the command becomes reversible.

The Clear list option clears the current list and redefines it to include only the #S5 field. With the Clear list option, the command becomes reversible.


; Build a list of all window classes in the current library
Set current list lWindowList
Do lWindowList.$define(lName,lDesc)
Build window list

; Alternatively, notation can be used to build the list
; of window classes
Do $clib.$windows.$makelist($ref.$name,$ref.$desc) Returns lWindowList
Do lWindowList.$redefine(lName,lDesc)