Cancel advises

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Exchanging data NO NO NO Windows


Cancel advises field-name ([All channels])


All channels If specified, the command applies to all DDE channels, rather than just the current channel


DDE command, Omnis as client. This command cancels one or more Request advises from the current channel. If you omit the field name, all Request advises to the current channel are canceled. If you specify a field name, all Request advises to the current channel which refer to that field name are canceled.

The command is addressed to the current channel only, and if the current channel is not open, an error occurs. No error occurs, however, if there are no Request advises commands to cancel.

If you use the All channels option, all channels are cancelled. There is no need to use a Cancel advises command before a Close DDE channel command.

When Omnis issues a Request advises to a DDE server, Omnis is in effect saying "Tell me if this value changes and send me an update". The Enter data command must be running to allow the incoming data to get through.


Yes/No message {Do you want updates?}
If flag false
  Cancel advises (All channels)
  Quit method
  Request advises iCompany {Company}
  Request advises iAddress {Address}
End If

Prepare for insert
Enter data
Update files if flag set