Cancel prepare for update

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Changing data NO NO NO All


Cancel prepare for update


This command cancels the Prepare for update mode and releases any semaphores which may have been set. You use the Prepare for edit/insert command to prepare Omnis for editing or insertion of records. It is usually followed by Update files which is the usual way of terminating the Prepare for... state but you can also terminate this state with Cancel prepare for update. It must be followed by commands which prevent an Update files command from being encountered.

When you execute a Prepare for... command in multi-user mode, semaphores are used to implement record locking. Cancel prepare for update neutralizes the effect of a Prepare for...command and releases all semaphores.

You can use this command within a timer method to implement a timed record release.


Set timer method 600 sec TimerMethod
Prepare for edit
Enter data
Update files if flag set
Clear timer method
; TimerMethod
Yes/No message {Time's up, cancel edit?}
If flag true
  Cancel prepare for update
  Queue cancel
End If