Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Constructs NO NO YES All


Case constant-value or expression


The Case statement is part of a Switch construct that chooses one of an alternative set of options. The options in a Switch construct are defined by the subsequent Case commands. The Casecommand takes either a constant, field name, single calculation, or a comma-separated series of calculations. You must enclose string literals in quotes. Date values must match the date format in #FDT.


; Show the direction lPosition equals. eg. if lPosition equals 3 show 'South' in the ok message

Switch lPosition
  Case 1
    Calculate lDirection as 'North'
  Case 2
    Calculate lDirection as 'East'
  Case 3
    Calculate lDirection as 'South'
  Case 4
    Calculate lDirection as 'West'
End Switch
OK message {Position [lCount] = [lDirection]}
; Multiple conditions can be used in a comma-separated list to one Case statement.
; Default is used to specify commands that should run if the value is not one of
; those specified in the Case statements
Switch lDirection
  Case 'North','South'
    OK message {The direction is North or South}
  Case 'East','West'
    OK message {The direction is East or West}
    OK message {The direction is Unknown} ;; ; lDirection is none of the above
End Switch