Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
External commands YES NO NO All


CGIEncode (stream[,mapplustohex {Default kFalse}]) Returns encoded-stream


Note: The flag is set according to whether Omnis was able to make a call to this external command.

This Web command is multi-threaded, allowing another thread to execute in the multi-threaded server while it runs. Note that the same socket cannot safely be used concurrently by more than one thread.

When a client uses HTTP to invoke a script on a WEB server, it uses the CGI encoded format to pass the arguments to the server. This avoids any ambiguity between the characters in the argument names and values, and the characters used to delimit URLs, and the argument names and values.

You use CGIEncode to map text into the CGI encoded format.

Stream is an Omnis Character or Binary field containing the information to encode.

MapPlusToHex is an optional Boolean parameter which when true indicates that plus characters in the input stream are to be URL encoded as hex.

EncodedStream is an Omnis Character or Binary field that receives the resulting CGI-encoded representation of the stream argument.

Note: The HTTPHeaderHTTPParse and HTTPPost commands automatically perform CGI encoding or decoding, as appropriate.


Calculate lStream as 'Name: Charlie Malone,Company: TigerLogic'
CGIEncode (lStream) Returns lEncodedStream