Change user password

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Libraries NO NO NO All


Change user password


This command opens the Password dialog in which the user can change the current password. The menus are redrawn and lists and variable values (apart from #UL) are unaffected.

If the current user is the master user, passwords in the #PASSWORDS class can be changed. In addition, the command gives the user the choice of using another password to re-enter the current library at a different user level, thus gaining access to different areas of the library. If a user re-enters at a different level, the value of  #UL will change (within the range 0–8) to reflect that new user level.


; Prompt the user for a password as specified in #PASSWORDS
; and display the current user level
Change user password
OK message {The current user level is [#UL]}