Clear range of fields

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Files NO YES NO All


Clear range of fields first-data-name to final-data-name


This command clears the specified range of fields from the current record buffer.

Note that first-data-name and last-data-name identify the first and last field of the range to be cleared, in the order that the fields occur in the current record buffer. In certain current record buffers, for example the instance variables of an instance, the order of the fields in the current record buffer is the order in which the fields were created, not the alphabetic order in which they are displayed in the variable pane of the method editor.

When used in a reversible block, the fields cleared are restored when the method terminates.


; Clear the current record buffer of fields Surname to Balance
; from fAccounts and redraw the current window instance
Clear range of fields fAccounts.Surname to fAccounts.Balance
Do $cinst.$redraw()