Close library

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Libraries YES NO NO All


Close library {internal-name (leave empty to close all)}


This command closes the open library file with the specified internal name, or closes all the open library files if no name is specified. It sets the flag if at least one library file is closed. It clears the flag and does nothing if the specified internal name does not correspond to an open library.

Note that the internal name for a library defaults to its physical file name from which the path and DOS extension has been removed. The Open library command also lets you specify the internal name (see the example below).

Closing a library closes all windows, reports, and menus belonging to that library which are open or installed. It also disposes of the CRBs for the file classes and class variables belonging to that library, closes all lookup files opened by that library, and if there is a running method from that library on the stack, clears the method stack. If the method stack is cleared, the command following the current executing command will not execute, and it is not possible to test the flag value returned from the command.


; Open and close the library mylib.lbs from the root
; of your omnis studio tree
Calculate lLibPath as con(sys(115),'mylib.lbs')
Open library (Do not close others) {[lLibPath],MYLIB}
If flag true
  Yes/No message {Close Library ?}
  If flag true
    Close library {MYLIB}
  End If
End If