Create data file

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Data files YES NO NO All


Create data file ([Do not close other data]) {file-name, internal-name}


Do not close other data If specified, the command does not close all open data files before opening the specified data file


This command creates and opens a new and empty, single segment data file, which becomes the "current" data file. You can specify the path name of the file to be created and the internal name for the open data file.

The Do not close other data option lets you have multiple open data files. If you uncheck this option ,all open data files are closed even if the command fails.

If the disk file with the specified path name cannot be created (and opened), the flag is cleared. Otherwise, the flag is set if the data file is successfully created and opened.

WARNING: If the file and path name is the same as an existing data file, all segments for that data file are deleted before the new file is created. If the data file was open, it is closed and deleted; a new and empty data file is then reopened.


Yes/No message {Do you wish to add a new company?}
If flag true
  ; method to do some preparatory code for the new datafile and generate the company name
  Do method Insert Company
  ; creates a datafile in the same folder as the omnis executable
  ; the name of the datafile is the value of the character variable iCompany
  Create data file (Do not close other data) {(con(sys(115),iCompany,'.df1')/[iCompany]}
End If
; or do it like this
Do $datas.$add(con(sys(115),iCompany,'.df1'),kTrue,[iCompany])