Cut to clipboard

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Clipboard YES NO NO All


Cut to clipboard field-name ([Redraw field][,All windows])


Redraw field If specified, the command reloads affected window fields with the new value of the data field,after it has performed the operation; note that this takes the 'All windows' option into account
All windows If specified, the command applies to all open window instances, rather than just the top open window instance


This command cuts the contents of the specified field or current selection and places it on the clipboard. In the case of a null selection when the cursor is merely flashing in a field and no characters are selected, Cut to clipboard will literally cut "nothing".


; Cut iName to the clipboard and paste it into iDeliveryName
Cut to clipboard iName (Redraw field)
Paste from clipboard iDeliveryName (Redraw field)