Disable cancel test at loops

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Constructs NO YES NO All


Disable cancel test at loops


Normally, Omnis tests if the user wishes to cancel execution of the method, at the end of each loop and during lengthy operations such as searching or sorting a large list. The user requests a cancel by either clicking on a working message Cancel button, or by pressing Ctrl-Break under Windows, Ctrl-C under Linux, or Cmnd-period under macOS. Use this command to disable these tests, meaning that the cancel key combination and clicks on a working message cancel button will be ignored.

This command is reversed with Enable cancel test at loops, or if placed in a reversible block.


; delete all overdrawn accounts without interruption by the user requesting a cancel
Set main file {fAccounts}
Set search as calculation {fAccounts.Balance<0}
Find on fAccounts.Code (Use search)
Disable cancel test at loops
While flag true
  Working message (Repeat count) {Deleting Account [fAccounts.Code]}
  Next on fAccounts.Code (Exact match)
End While