Disable fields

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Fields NO NO NO All


Disable fields {list-of-field-names (Name1,Name2,...)}


This command disables the specified field or list of fields, making them inactive during Enter data and Prompted find. Thus the data entry cursor skips a disabled entry field when in data entry mode, find, and so on, and disabled pushbuttons cannot be clicked. If an entry field with scroll bar is disabled, you can tab to it but not change the data. You can reverse Disable fields or enable a display field using Enable fields.


; disable 2 fields
Begin reversible block
  Disable fields {myField1,myField2}
End reversible block
Do method CheckCredit
Quit method
; now this method ends and the fields are re-enabled as they are in a reversible block
; to disable a single field on the current window
Do $cwind.$objs.myField1.$enabled.$assign(kFalse)
; to disable all fields on the current window like this
Do $cwind.$objs.$sendall($ref.$enabled.$assign(kFalse))