Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Calculations NO NO YES All


Do calculation Returns return-value


This command executes the specified calculation, which is typically some notation that operates on a particular object or part of your library. It returns a value if you specify a return-value, which can be a variable of any type.

Note that where the return field is an item reference, the command sets the reference but does not assign to it: you must do this with Calculate or Do Itemref.$assign(value).


; open a new window instance of the window class wMyWindow maximized
Do $clib.$windows.wMyWindow.$open('*',kWindowMaximize)

; redraw the current window instance
Do $cwind.$redraw()

; redraw EntryField1 on the top window
Do $topwind.$objs.EntryField1.$redraw()

; return a list in the local variable lClassList of all classes in the current library
Do $clib.$classes.$makelist($ref.$name) Returns lClassList

; close all open window instances
Do $iwindows.$sendall($ref.$close())

; set the $textcolor property of the current object to red
; the optional return field can be used to check whether the operation succeeded
Do $cobj.textcolor.$assign(kRed) Returns lFlag