Do default

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Calculations YES NO NO All


Do default Returns return-value


This command is used within the code for a custom property, and performs the default behavior for the built-in property with the same name as a custom property. Do default sets the flag if some built-in processing for the property exists.

Note that where the return field is an item reference, the command sets the reference but does not assign to it: you must do this with Calculate or Do Itemref.$assign(value).


; Adding a method called $horzscroll.$assign to a window causes this method to be executed whenever
; Do $horzscroll.$assign is called. If the window is over 20 pixels wide when the method is called the default
; behavior for $horzscroll.$assign is performed, that is a scroll bar is added.
; declare parameter pScrollBarOn of type Boolean
If pScrollBarOn&$cinst.$width<20
  ; window too narrow for a scroll bar
  Quit method
  ; assign a horz scroll bar
  Do default
End If