Enable all menus and toolbars

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Menus NO YES NO All


Enable all menus and toolbars


This command enables all menus and toolbars. It reverses the action of Disable all menus and toolbars. This command will not enable a menu which has been disabled by disabling line zero. Such a menu can only be enabled by enabling line zero.


; Enable all menus and toolbars if the correct
; password is enterd
Disable all menus and toolbars
Prompt for input Password : Returns lPassword
If low(lPassword)='password'
  Enable all menus and toolbars
End If
; Alternatively, you can enable all user installed menu
; and toolbar instances by setting the $enabled property
Do $imenus.$sendall($ref.$enabled.$assign(kTrue))
Do $itoolbars.$sendall($ref.$enabled.$assign(kTrue))