End print

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Reports and Printing YES NO NO All


End print {instance-name}


This command terminates the specified report and prints the totals section. If you omit the report instance name the End print command terminates the most recently started report instance. The flag is cleared if no report instances exist.

End print cancels the Prepare for print mode. You must include it after a Prepare for print command even if a totals section is not required.

You can print running totals of fields in the Record section by including the same fields in the Totals section of the report. Provided you choose the Totaled property for the field in the Record section, Omnis automatically maintains a running total.


Set main file {fAccounts}
Set report name rMyReport
Send to screen
Prepare for print
Find first on fAccounts.Code
While flag true
  Print record
End While
End print
; Alternatively, you can end the print using notation
Do $ireports.rMyReport.$endprint()