End print job

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Reports and Printing YES NO NO All


End print job


This command terminates a print job initiated with Begin print job and sends it to the printer.

End print job clears the flag and returns an error if a job has not been started. It sets the flag if it succeeds: in this case, the document is now available for the operating system to print.

Once a print job is started, any attempt to set the report destination fails, that is, you cannot select a new destination until you have issued an End print job.

Issuing End print job immediately after Begin print job may result in an empty document being printed.

Omnis automatically issues End print job at shutdown; it does not do this at any other time.


; Create a print job and send 2 reports to the printer
Begin print job
Set report name rMyReport
Print report
Set report name rMyReport2
Print report
End print job