End reversible block

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Constructs NO NO NO All


End reversible block


This command defines the end of a reversible block of commands. All reversible commands enclosed within the commands Begin reversible block/End reversible block are reversed when the method containing this block finishes. However, a reversible block in the $construct() method of a window class reverses when the window is closed and not when the method is terminated as is normally the case.


; A method can contain more than one block of reversible commands. In this case,
; commands contained within all the blocks are reversed when the method terminates.
; All the commands in the following example are reversed when the method containing
; the block is finished
Begin reversible block
  Disable menu line mMyMenu/5
  Set current list iMyList
  Build open window list (Clear list)
  Calculate iVar as 0
  Open window instance wMyWindow
End reversible block
; When this block is reversed:
; The window instance wMyWindow is closed
; iVar returns to its former value
; iMyList is restored to its former contents and definition
; The current list is set to the former value
; Menu line 5 is enabled
; The following method hides fields Entry1 and Entry2 and installs the menu mCustomers
Begin reversible block
  Hide fields {Entry1,Entry2}
  Install menu mCustomers
End reversible block
OK message (Icon) {MCUSTOMERS is now visible}
; When this method ends, first MCUSTOMERS is removed, then the fields are shown.
; In the following example, the current list is iMyList
Begin reversible block
  Set current list iMyList2
  Define list {fAccounts.Code,fAccounts.Surname,fAccounts.Balance}
  Set main file {fAccounts}
  Build list from select table
 Enter data
End reversible block
; When this method terminates and the command block is reversed, the Main file is reset,
; the former list definition is restored and the current list is restored to iMyList.