End statement

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
SQL Object Commands NO NO NO All


End statement


This command marks the end of a block of Sta: commands that build the SQL buffer for the current method stack. The Begin statement command defines the start of the block.


; Open a multi-threaded omnis sql connection to
; the datafile mydatafile and create a statement to
; select rows from the table Customers
Calculate lHostname as con(sys(115),'mydatafile.df1')
Do iSessObj.$logon(lHostname,'','','MYSESSION')
Do iSessObj.$newstatement('MyStatement') Returns lStatObj
Begin statement
Sta: Select * From Customers
Sta: Where Cust_ID > 100
End statement
Do lStatObj.$execdirect()
Do lStatObj.$fetch(lMyList,kFetchAll)