Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
External commands YES NO NO All


FTPChmod (socket,filename,mode) Returns status


Note: The flag is set according to whether Omnis was able to make a call to this external command.

This Web command is multi-threaded, allowing another thread to execute in the multi-threaded server while it runs. Note that the same socket cannot safely be used concurrently by more than one thread.

FTPChmod changes the protection mode of a remote file on the connected FTP server.

Socket is an Omnis Long Integer field containing a socket opened to an FTP server using FTPConnect.

Filename is an Omnis Character field containing the pathname of the remote file.

Mode is an Omnis Character field containing the system-dependent file-protection specifier to apply to the named file. Many FTP servers accept the Linux-style Owner/Group/World 3-digit Read/Write/Execute scheme (for example, 754 = Owner Read/Write/Execute, Group Read/Execute World Read-Only). Consult the documentation for the remote system to determine the acceptable syntax for this argument.

Status is an Omnis Long Integer field which receives the result of executing the command. Possible error codes are listed in the Web Command Error Codes Appendix.


; allow owner to read/write & execute, group to read & execute and world to read-only this file
Calculate lFileMode as 754
FTPChmod (iFTPSocket,lFileName,lFileMode) Returns lErrCode