Hide fields

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Fields NO YES NO All


Hide fields {list-of-field-names (Name1,Name2,...)}


This command hides the specified field or list of fields. You can display hidden fields with Show fields.


Yes/No message {Do you want to hide fields?}
If flag true
  Begin reversible block
    Hide fields {myField1,myField2}
  End reversible block
End If
; do something
Quit method
; now this method ends and the fields are re-shown as they are in a reversible block
; To hide a single field on the current window
Do $cwind.$objs.myField1.$visible.$assign(kFalse)
; to hide all fields on the current window
Do $cwind.$objs.$sendall($ref.$visible.$assign(kFalse))