Import fields

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Importing and Exporting YES NO NO All


Import fields (Insert records|Update records[,Indirect][,Disable messages]) {list-of-field-names (Name1,Name2,...)}


Insert records The command inserts new records
Update records The command searches for existing records in the file and updates the records that it finds; data for which there is no matching record is ignored


Indirect If specified, the command uses the contents of the first field as the list of fields
Disable messages If specified, the command does not open messages requiring a user response and instead it writes a limited amount of information to the trace log


Import fields imports the data for the list of fields from the current import file into the data file. It provides runtime access to the functionality of the import data dialog in the IDE. The command sets the main file for the import to the file corresponding to the first field in the list.

The Insert records option causes the command to insert new records for the data in the file being imported.

The Update records option causes the command to search for an existing record in the data file, for each record in the file being imported, and then update that record. Import records for which there is no matching record in the data file are ignored.


; import from a csv file called myImport.txt in the root of your omnis tree
Calculate lImportPath as con(sys(115),'myImport.txt')
Set import file name {[lImportPath]}
Prepare for import from file {Delimited (commas)}
Import fields (Insert records) {fCustomers.Surname,fCustomers.FirstName}
End import
Close import file