Install menu

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Menus YES YES NO All


Install menu class-name[/instance-name] [(parameters)]


This command installs an instance of the specified menu class on the main menu bar and assigns an instance name. The default instance name is the name of the menu class. The flag is set if the menu is installed.

You can choose the menu class from a list containing your own menus in the current library, and the standard menus *File, *Edit, and so on. When the menu instance is installed its $construct() method is called receiving any parameters passed.

If you use the Install menu command in a reversible block, the menu instance is removed from the menu bar when the method terminates. However, the order of the menus on the menu bar may not necessarily be the same as before.


; Install the menu mView and pass the parameter
; lView to its $construct method
Calculate lView as 'Large'
Install menu mView (lView)
; mView $constuct method
Do $cinst.$objs.[pView].$checked.$assign(kTrue) ;; Check the menu line pView
; Alternatively, you can install a menu using $open
Do $clib.$menus.mView.$open()