Install toolbar

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Toolbars NO NO NO All


Install toolbar {class[/instance][/dock-area/l/t][(params)]{defaults are class settings}}


This command installs the specified toolbar class into the named docking area. You specify the docking area using one of the toolbar constants: kDockingAreaTop, kDockingAreaBottom, kDockingAreaLeft,kDockingAreaRight, or kDockingAreaFloating. If you omit the docking area name the toolgroup is installed into the docking area specified in the class. You can install multiple toolbars onto the same docking area.

If the specified docking area is kDockingAreaFloating, then you can specify the left (/l) and top (/t) position of the toolbar instance in pixels .


; show the left and right toolbar docking areas
Show docking area {kDockingAreaLeft}
Show docking area {kDockingAreaRight}
; install a toolbar into each docking area
Install toolbar {tbMyToolbar/kDockingAreaLeft}
Install toolbar {tbMyOtherToolbar/kDockingAreaRight}
; or you can install a toolbar notationally
Do $clib.$toolbars.tbMyToolbar.$open('*',kDockingAreaLeft) Returns lToolBarRef