Open library

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Libraries YES NO NO All


Open library ([Do not close others][,Enable conversion by runtime][,Do not open startup task][,Convert without user prompts]) {library-file-name,internal-name,password (parameters)}


Do not close others If specified, the command does not close all open libraries before opening the specified library
Enable conversion by runtime The development version of Omnis offers to convert libraries created by an earlier version of Omnis. If this option is specified, the runtime version of Omnis will also offer to convert such libraries
Do not open startup task If specified, the command does not construct an instance of the startup task when it opens the library
Convert without user prompts If specified, and conversion is allowed, Omnis will immediately perform the conversion without giving the user any prompts that require a response; also, the user cannot cancel the conversion


This command opens the specified library file and closes other libraries, if specified. You specify the library name (including path name if required), internal name, password, and startup method parameters of the library to be opened. If the disk file with the specified path name cannot be opened or is not a valid library, the flag is cleared and no libraries are closed.

If the internal name of an opened library is specified, a check is made to ensure the internal name is unique among the open libraries, and a runtime error occurs if this is not the case. If no internal name is specified, the default internal name is the disk name of the file with the path name and suffix removed. For example, the internal name for 'hd:myfiles:testlib.lbs' is 'testlib'.

Do not close others

The Do not close others option lets you keep open all other libraries. Otherwise, all other open libraries are closed (see the Close library command for the consequences of closing a library). If an attempt is made to open a library which is already open, that library is closed and reopened.

Startup task

If the Do not open startup task option is specified, the startup task construct for the opened library is not called. Otherwise, the startup task $construct() method is called and the parameters for it are passed. The startup task instance name will be either the library name or the library internal name if it has one: it is not called Startup_Task.

Enable conversion by runtime

If you select the Enable conversion by runtime option, and the library was created with a previous version of Omnis, then the runtime version of Omnis can convert the library if the user allows. The default is that an Omnis runtime will not ask the user if they want to convert the library.


If a password is specified, an attempt is made to open the library with that password. If it is not a valid password or no password is specified, the library is opened in the usual way, that is, if the library does not need a master password, it is opened at the master level; otherwise the usual prompt for password dialog is opened (the library is closed and a flag false returned if this dialog is closed without a password being entered).


; Open the library mylib.lbs from the root of your
; omnis studio tree
Calculate lLibPath as con(sys(115),'mylib.lbs')
Open library (Do not close others) {[lLibPath],MYLIB}
If flag true
  OK message {Library Opened!}
End If