Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Menus YES NO NO All


Popup menu from list list-name at x-coordinate, y-coordinate


This command installs the specified list as a popup menu at the specified x,y screen location. Under Windows, the coordinate 0,0 is the point directly under the menu bar within the application area. Under Linux and macOS, 0,0 is literally the top left corner of the screen. If you omit the x,y coordinate from this command the menu pops up at the current mouse/pointer position.

Popup menu from list behaves much like Popup menu except the source of the menu is a list. The specified list can contain any number of rows but only the first column and a limited number of rows are displayed in the popup menu.

This command clears the flag if the user does not select a list line and LIST.$line is unaffected. After the command has executed you can use lst() to return the line selected.

The mouseover() function returns the mouse/pointer position relative to the open window and not the Omnis application window. Using this function to specify the x and y position of the popup menu may not produce the effect you want.


; Prevent the default context menu appearing and
; open a menu containing the lines defined in the list
; $event of object on window class
On evRMouseDown ;; requires the property $rmouseevents set to kTrue
  Process event and continue (Discard event)
  Do lMenuLines.$define(lMenuLine)
  Do lMenuLines.$add('Option 1')
  Do lMenuLines.$add('Option 2')
  Do lMenuLines.$add('Option 3')