Prepare for import from port

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Importing and Exporting YES NO NO All


Prepare for import from port {export-format}

Export Formats

Delimited (commas)
Delimited (tabs)
One field per line
Omnis data transfer
Delimited (user delimiter)


This command prepares Omnis for importing data from a port. It is similar to the Prepare for import from file command. The user can cancel the import of data while Prepare for import from port is waiting for data from the port. If this happens, Omnis clears the flag.

Set port name defines which port is used. Under macOS, the choice is 1 (Modem port) or 2 (Printer port). Under Linux and Windows, the choices are Com1:, Com2:, and so on.


Set port name {COM1:}
Prepare for import from port {One field per line}
  Import field from file into lImportField
Until lImportField='start data'
Do method ImportData
Close import file