Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Reports and Printing YES NO NO All


Print record {instance-name}


This command prints a single record of the specified report instance. You use it when printing a report on a record-by-record basis and usually within a loop. It provides greater control over the report generator than Print report. If you omit the report instance name Print record is applied to the most recently started report instance ($ireports.$first).

Each time Print record is encountered, a record section of the report is printed to the selected output using the data in the CRB. Any page heading, subtotal heading and subtotal sections before the record section are printed where necessary.

Subtotal sections are printed whenever the sort fields change value, provided that the fields entered in the Sort Fields dialog have Subtotals set to True.

The flag is cleared if:

These errors will not cause Omnis to execute a Quit all methods. If the flag is cleared, Omnis will not execute any further Print record commands until it encounters another Prepare for print.


Set main file {fAccounts}
Set report name rMyReport
Send to screen
Prepare for print
Find first on fAccounts.Code
While flag true
  Print record
End While
End print