Prompt for input

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Message boxes YES NO NO All


Prompt for input prompt/title/icon-id/max-chars Returns return-value ([Sound bell][,Cancel button][,Upper case only][,Password entry][,Prompt above entry])


Sound bell If specified, the system bell sounds when the command displays the message
Cancel button If specified, the message has a cancel button
Upper case only If specified, all input is converted to upper case at the user interface
Password entry If specified, all input is displayed as '*' or a solid circle at the user interface
Prompt above entry If specified, the prompt is displayed above the entry field rather than the default which is to the left of the entry field


This command opens a message box requesting a value from the user. You can specify the text for the prompt, title and icon for the message box, and the maximum number of characters for the input. If the user enters a value and presses OK, the command sets the flag and returns the user value. The command is not reversible.

The first parameter for the Prompt for input command is the prompt-text which is the prompt displayed to the left of the entry field by default; you can place the prompt text above the entry field using the Prompt above entry option. You can also enter a title for the message box. The prompt and title default to empty. Note that if you want to enter an empty title, you need to enter '/ /' to avoid ambiguity with the newline convention.

You can specify an icon for the message box using the icon-id of an icon from the OmnisPic or UserPic icon data file. Zero is the default which means no icon. You can use one of the icon size constants enclosed in square brackets with the icon id to specify a non-default size, for example, [1710+k48x48]. You can specify the maximum number of characters that the user can enter in max-chars. This defaults to the maximum length defined in your return field. The return-field can specify an initial value for the entry field on the message box, and receives the value entered after the user clicks OK.

The Sound bell option causes the system beep to sound when the message box opens. The Cancel button option adds a Cancel button to the message box. The flag returns false if the user presses the Cancel button. The Upper case only option forces all input to be upper case, while the Password entry option hides the input, by displaying '*' for each character entered.


; Prompt for a username and greet the user
Prompt for input Please enter your name Returns lUserName (Sound bell,Cancel button,Prompt above entry)
If len(lUserName)
  OK message (Icon) {Hello [lUserName]}
End If