Prompted find

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Finding data YES YES NO All


Prompted find ([Exact match])


Exact match If specified, the index value of the field in suitable records must equal the current value


This command prompts the user to enter a value in an indexed field on the current window and locates the record which most closely matches that value. The user can use the Tab key to select an indexed field. The Find field is the current field for the window when the user clicks on the OK button.

Once the user enters a value in the Find field and clicks OK, Omnis locates the record most closely matching this value, the main and connected files are read into the current record buffer and the flag is set. If the indexed field is in a connected file, the find continues until a record connected to a valid main file record is located. The current index, as used by Next and Previous, is set to the Find field.

If the exact field value cannot be matched, the next highest value in the index is located. You use the Exact match option if you want only the exact match.


; Find the record for an indexed value entered into
; the current window instance
Prompted find
If flag true
  Do $cinst.$redraw()
End If