Queue double-click

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Events NO NO NO All


Queue double-click ([Shift][,Command/Ctrl]) {field-name (selection-range)}


Shift If specified, the queued event behaves as if the shift key has been pressed
Command/Ctrl If specified, the queued event behaves as if the command/ctrl key has been pressed


This command queues a "double-click event" on the specified field, that is, it simulates a user-generated double-click event on the field. A double-click event always generates an evClick before an evDoubleClick. You must specify the name of the field as a parameter, including the click positions within the field (that is, Start Row, Finish Row for lists and Start Character, Finish Character for text field selection).

There are options for including up to three modifier keys (that is, Shift, Ctrl/Cmnd) along with the click.

The field name parameter must be the name of a window field, not the name of the method associated with the field or the data name ($fieldname, not $dataname).

Queue double-click for edit fields

Double-clicks on text within an edit field will select the complete word. If a range was specified, all COMPLETE words falling within the start and end positions will be highlighted.

Queue double-click for list fields

Double-clicks on list fields will generate an evClick followed by an evDoubleClick. The behavior in other ways is the same as described for Queue click.

Queue double-click for other field types

Pushbuttons, radio buttons, radio groups and check boxes behave in the same way as described for Queue click. An evDoubleClick event is not generated.


; Example for edit fields
; If the text in the field is:
; Good books are the lifeblood of a master spirit
; and the command is
Queue double-click {myEditField (7,23)}
; The selected text is:
; books are the lifeblood
; Example for pushbutton - opens a new window while in Enter Data mode
; and selects all the text in the field myField
On evClick
  Open window instance wMyWindow
  Queue double-click {myField}
On default
  Quit event handler