Queue scroll

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Events NO NO NO All


Queue scroll (Left|Right|Up|Down[,Page]) {field-name (units)}


Left Scroll the field to the left
Right Scroll the field to the right
Up Scroll the field up
Down Scroll the field down


Page If specified, scrolling occurs in pages rather than the units corresponding to the up and down arrows on the scroll bar


This command queues a "scroll" event in the specified scrollable field, that is, it simulates a mouse click or page key event on a scrollable field. With this command you can scroll a field up or down, left or right provided the appropriate scroll bar is available. You cannot use this command to scroll a window instance.

The field name parameter must be the name of a window field, not the name of the method associated with the field or the data name ($fieldname, not $dataname).

The Units parameter specifies the number of lines to scroll up or down in a vertical scroll bar for a field; one unit represents one line. For a horizontal scroll bar, the unit is approximately one character.

If the Page option is selected, the event simulates clicking above or below the "thumb" and is the same as using the Page up or Page down key.


; scroll a list field by 5 lines
Queue scroll (Down) {myListField (5)}