Quit event handler

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Events NO NO YES All


Quit event handler ([Discard event][,Pass to next handler])


Discard event If specified, Omnis discards the active event (meaning that no further processing will occur for that event)
Pass to next handler If specified, Omnis will pass the event to the next level of handler (the window or task $control() method)


This command is used to quit out of the currently executing event handling method and is only used to terminate an On clause. It is not reversible and does not affect the flag.

If the Discard event option is checked, the event is thrown away and Omnis quits the event handling method.

If the Pass to next handler option is checked, the event is passed to the next level of handler such as the window $control() method or task $control() method.


On evAfter
  If iName=''
    OK message {You must enter a name}
    Queue set current field {myField}
    Quit event handler (Discard event)
  End If
  ; $event for a window field, to pass all events to the window $control() method
On default
  Quit event handler (Pass to next handler)