Quit Omnis

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Methods NO NO NO All


Quit Omnis ([Force quit])


Force quit If specified, Omnis will force all instances to close even if they have $canclose methods that would prevent them (and therefore Omnis) from closing


This command quits Omnis closing all libraries and data files. It is equivalent to the Exit/Quit option in the File menu. However, if the Force quit option is not checked Quit Omnis will set the flag false and do nothing if an instance or library cannot be closed.

If the Force quit check box is checked Omnis will force any class instances to close so that the quit can take place, even if they have custom $canclose logic which would normally prevent them from closing.

This command can also be executed in a Web Client method running on the client. It only does anything in the Omnis Web Client running on Windows Mobile, where it quits the client application; the Force quit check box has no affect.


; Prompt the user to quit Omnis
Yes/No message {Do you want to quit Omnis?}
If flag true
  Quit Omnis (Force quit) ;; closes all instances and tasks, then quits Omnis
End If