Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Fields YES NO NO All


Redraw ([Refresh now]) {list-of-field-or-window-names (Name1,Name2,...)}


Refresh now If specified, the redraw occurs before the command finishes executing, rather than occurring at a later indeterminate point


This command redraws the specified field or window instance (or list of fields or window instances). The Refresh now option ensures the redraw is completed when the command is executed. Without this option the redraw occurs when the method has finished executing.


Prepare for edit
Enter data
If flag true
  Update files
  Clear main & connected
  Redraw {wDataEntry}
End If
; alternatively you can use the $redraw(setcontents,refresh) method to redraw the contents
; and/or refresh a field or window; setcontents defaults to true, refresh to false
Do $cfield.$redraw() ;; redraw current field
Do $cwind.$redraw() ;; redraw current window
Do $root.$redraw() ;; redraw all window instances