Redraw lists

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Fields NO NO NO All


Redraw lists ([All windows][,All lists][,Selection only])


All windows If specified, the command applies to all open window instances, rather than just the top open window instance
All lists If specified, the command applies to all lists on the window instance(s),rather than just the current list
Selection only If specified, the command redraws the lists without reloading the data, in order to show changes to the selection state


This command redraws the current list window field or all list fields. It lets you update the display of the current list field after you delete, change, or insert a line, so that the screen list reflects the changes. When Omnis executes Redraw lists, the selected line is scrolled into view and the visible lines recalculated.

Omnis can execute a Redraw lists command for all window instances and for all lists using the All windows, and All lists options. If neither option is selected, only the fields on the top window instance which display the current list are redrawn.

The Selection only option causes the redraw to affect the highlighting of the selected lines, the contents are not redrawn.

Omnis also redraws any fields which are local to the list field so that they will display the new values. It also redraws the grid fields associated with the current list.


Begin reversible block
  Set current list iList
End reversible block
Define list {iCol1,iCol2}
Calculate iCol1 as 42
Add line to list {(iCol1,chr(iCol1))}
Redraw lists