Reinitialize search class

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Searches NO NO NO All


Reinitialize search class


This command reloads the current search definition into memory. Reinitialize search class is useful if square bracket notation has been used in the search class. The square bracket expressions are re-evaluated using current field values before reloading the search definition. Each find table keeps its own copy of the search conditions so you must re-issue the Find command if a search needs reinitializing.


; This example assumes a search class sTown uses the comparison line TOWN Begins with [lStartsWith]
; The window wStarts is used to allow the user to specify a value for #S5
Set search name sTown
  Open window instance wStarts/CEN
  Enter data
  Close window instance wStarts
  If flag true
    Reinitialize search class
    Do method PrintReport
  End If
Until flag false