Reorganize data

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Data management YES NO NO All


Reorganize data ([Test only][,Optimize][,Convert pictures][,Use true color when converting]) {list-of-files (F1,F2,..,Fn) (leave empty to select all)}


Test only If specified,the data file is not updated; the command purely tests to see if it would update the data file when executed without this option specified,and returns the flag set to true if an update would occur
Optimize If specified,the command also attempts to optimize free space to make data storage more efficient
Convert pictures If specified,the command also converts (where necessary) pictures to shared (cross-platform) picture format
Use true color when converting Only relevant when 'Convert pictures' is specified.If specified,pictures are converted to the recommended shared true color format,rather than the out of date shared 256 color format.


This command reorganizes the data for the specified file or list of files. Reorganization is the process by which the data structures held in the Omnis data file are brought into line with the file class definitions.

Reorganize data reorganizes the data for the specified list of files, and is equivalent to the option on the Slot menu in the Data File Browser.

If you omit a file name or list of files, all the files with slots in the current data file are reorganized.

If a specified file name does not include a data file name as part of the notation, the default data file for that file is assumed. If the file is closed or memory-only, the command does not execute and returns with the flag false.

If you are not running in single user mode, Omnis automatically tests that only one user is logged onto the data file (the command fails with the flag false if this is not true), and further users are prevented from logging onto the data until the command completes.

If a working message with a count is open while the command is executing, the count will be incremented at regular intervals. The command may take a long time to execute, and it is not possible to cancel execution even if a working message with cancel box is open.

The command sets the flag if it completes successfully and clears the flag otherwise. The command is not reversible.

If the Test only checkbox option is specified, no reorganization is actually carried out. The flag is set if at least one file needs reorganization.

The Optimize checkbox option specifies whether reorganize with optimize is to be carried out. This distributes the free space to make the data storage more efficient.

The Convert pictures checkbox option causes all pictures in the data to be converted to a shared picture format.


Reorganize data (Test only) ;; all files
If flag true
  Yes/No message {Reorganize now?}
  If flag true
    Reorganize data
  End If
  OK message {No reorganization required}
End If