Replace standard File menu

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
Menus NO YES NO All


Replace standard File menu {class-name[/instance-name] [(parameters)]}


This command removes the standard built-in File menu from the menu bar and replaces it with a custom menu. You can assign an instance name for the replacement menu. The default instance name of the replacement menu is the menu class name. If no replacement menu name is specified, the File menu is reinstated.

The replacement menu will remain enabled even when commands such as Disable all menus are issued, or modal user-defined windows are opened. The only time the replacement menu will not remain enabled is when a report is printed to screen with the Send to screen command, and the check box option Do not wait for user is not checked (that is, Omnis is awaiting user input).

You can disable the File menu or its replacement menu by using Disable menu line.


; Replace the standard file menu with the user
; defined menu mMyFile while in enter data
; $construct of window
Replace standard File menu {mMyFile}
Enter data
Replace standard File menu ;; put system File menu back