Restore selection for line(s)

Command group Flag affected Reversible Execute on client Platform(s)
List lines YES NO NO All


Restore selection for line(s) ([All lines]) {line-number (calculation)}


All lines If specified, the command affects all the lines in the list


This command copies the Saved selection state to the Current selection state and sets the flag. To allow sophisticated manipulation of data via lists, a list can store two selection states for each line; the "Current" and the "Saved" selection. The Current and Saved selections have nothing to do with saving data on the disk; they are no more than labels for two sets of selections. The lists may be held in memory and never saved to disk: they will still have a Current and Saved selection state for each line but they will be lost if not saved. When a list is stored in the data file, both sets of selections are stored.

The Restore selection for line(s) command allows the Saved selection state of the specified line (or All lines) to be copied into the Current set. You can specify a particular line in the list either by entering a number or a calculation. You are required to redraw the list to refresh the state of the displayed list field. The All lines option restores the selection states for all lines of the current list.


; Save and restore the selection after all
; lines have been deselected
Set current list lMyList
Define list {lCol1}
For lCol1 from 1 to 6 step 1
  Add line to list {lCol1}
End For
Select list line(s) {3}
Select list line(s) {5}
Save selection for line(s) (All lines)
Deselect list line(s) (All lines)
Restore selection for line(s) (All lines)